“What is relayed to you is received from you” - Aneta Mruz

In being a clairvoyant medium + intuitive empath, my greatest pride is in the ability to create healing through energy work.

A clairvoyant is someone who receives information via energy through a “sixth sense” so to speak, which heightens all of the 5 other senses. I receive through clear-knowing, through feeling of emotions, trough scent, audibly, and visually through my mind’s eye.

A medium is someone who receives, not percieves. All mediums are psychics but not all psychics are mediums. I am able to connect to spirit, so some of what is received may be from your guides, Angels or loved ones, but most all guidance is received through Divine/Source/God/Universe, and your higher self.

Each session consists of a combination of energy readings, Divine guidance, and receiving everything which needs to be relayed at each given point in time to truly spark something magical.

Powerful clarity is created, perspective shifts begin, and the recipe for healing (whether to cause is small or grand) is established.

We create an energetic connection between myself and your heart/soul/higher self. Your soul is an all knowing energy force, and what is relayed to you is received from you; Divinely guided and from your higher self. This brings an awareness to something within which has been needing your attention.

You will find that everything which is relayed lines up with your heart, and resonates. Quite an impactful shift into self trust takes place, realizations bloom, and understanding ignites and self acceptance grows.




Life coaching is a thriving industry setting high standards in effectiveness and results. In being able to discuss the ins and outs of cognitive behavior (thought) and emotional intelligence (awareness of, and control of expression), and how they create the order and disorder of our lives, we are able to see ourselves as mind, body, soul, which is the key to understanding any need for growth.

My sessions strengthen your ability to understand the “why’s” of why it is so difficult to break certain thought patterns, behaviors and change.

Self awareness is formed. Cause and effect is understood on a deeper level. An ability to separate and connect all aspects of your Being is uncovered, allowing for your desired shift.




Self care is the path to self love. Do you know what occurs when we have unconditionally love and acceptance for ourselves.. The energy that goes into being able to give ourselves unconditional acceptance; you rediscover yourself and all the aspects of this world which enrich it and suppress it.

I teach you an approach which is catered and designed for your heart.

 “When you choose to leave behind the false expectations of who you are supposed to be, and embraced who you were always meant to be, you really start aligning with a path of unimaginable guidance and self love”.