Solace formed in combined efforts of lessons acknowledged in the owner’s life, through struggle and triumph of mental illness and the false beliefs it brought about, through learning what it is to be love from her parents, and from the giving hearts of two very special family members who are now with us in spirit.

This company is dedicated to Barbara Mruz, a strong and determined mother of seven, a loving wife, and an all encompassing humanitarian who shared her heart with people in need and animals alike. Barbara found joy through nature, especially bird-watching. She loved being a mother, and the heartache of her loss is truly a representation of her amazing personality and spirit. Barbara passed away in 2009 of complications to Type I diabetes, but her energy will continue to carry messages of love and change lives through this company.

This company is dedicated to Michael Bruno, a hilariously charming man, brother to six, son to two amazing humans who created quite an amazing legacy in their children, and the owner to the title of ‘best uncle’, ever (truly). Michael’s heart touched the lives of everyone, close friends, family, strangers, and the children he taught and coached as a teacher and tennis coach. He cared so deeply, and at times, his own heart didn’t reap the magnitude of the love he had to offer. He taught people how to give with unconditional love and so effortlessly. He had taught Aneta so much even after his passing, and will be changing lives through his energy and love as the days go on through Solace’s mission to steer individuals towards self-love.

This company is dedicated to the women and mothers Aneta met worldwide, who gave her support touched her heart, and evolved her. These women were fighting the same battle against postpartum depression/anxiety and OCD-Pure O. This debilitating disorder stems from an anxiety disorder; something Aneta endured since childhood. A support group was started to make certain no one ever felt alone in their fears and confusion. Soon, a new dream was created, and it was to help women find their self love (what brought Aneta out of OCD and anxiety), and be the women and mothers they were always meant to be.

Donations contributed to Solace’s efforts to help individuals will be used towards:

The National Alliance on Mental Illness - which is the nation’s largest grassroots mental health organization, dedicated to building better lives, provide education, support, and treatment.

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation - the leading organization in the fight against type I diabetes by funding, research, advocating for government backing and expanding access to treatment.

International Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Foundation - who’s mission is to help everyone affected by OCD and related disorders to live full and productive lives through gaining access to effective treatment, ending stigma associated with mental health, and fostering a community for those affected by OCD and the professionals who treat them.

In the future, a percentage of proceeds from Solace will also be donated to non-profit charities which assist single mothers, as well as youths of violence and sexual abuse.

We thank you for your contribution, from the bottom of our hearts. Your donations bring healing to the lives of others, and to give to another, in any shape or form, is what love consists of.

Aneta Mruz | Solace