Aneta Mruz is a certified wellness + intuitive life coach, a certified Reiki Practitionaer, self-love enthusiast, and mental health advocate. She is a natural intuitive empath & a clairvoyant medium, and once she chose to move away from living through fear within OCD + anxiety, and to step into exploring her life purpose, all doors swung open into a better life, and a life of serving others.

The misunderstanding of her true self surrounded by many false beliefs created many adverse obstacles, crossroads riddled with the wrong choices, struggles and self sabotage. Throughout her 20s addictive behaviors were forming, an anxiety disorder and OCD was thriving, and right before her shift, postpartum depression ensued. Postpartum she was able to reflect and observe these lows as guidance to change the lifestyle she had been choosing to lead. She researched and took courses to comprehend cognitive behavior, OCD and anxiety, and transitioned into living life more mindfully through the understanding of how the brain functions in addition to the soul’s journey. With that, the spiritual awakening progressed.

She evolved her natural abilities within that spiritual self, in turn expanding her always present desires to take away others’ pain. Her story formed the footing for guiding individuals to their own story which unfolds into a life they may have dreamed of but may not have contemplated was already theirs for the taking.

Aneta Mruz provides unique, heartfelt and empathetic sessions which allow you to feel truth in exactly what is presented within the services. Using her clairvoyant mediumship combined with her life coaching education, forward motion towards your desires is constructed. The connection to one’s soul outlines a map of answers and is truly unlike other life coaching services.


Solace’s true vision was created after opening a support group for moms going through postpartum anxiety, depression and OCD/Pure O. Prior to having my son in Fall of 2016 my inner turmoil was present and vicious, and I only fault myself for getting to a space of self-doubt, false beliefs, severe social anxiety, and an overall misunderstanding of what a lifetime truly is for.



Life was better for those 9 1/2 months during pregnancy than the way I was living for the 20+ years prior. It was a slow fall, but a deep one nonetheless. I know my son helped keep me safe from my upcoming chaos because what I was about to embark on was an accelerated version of plummets and rises.

That walk out of the falsehoods I had to rip away from my life was in fact something I needed to go through, but it was hellish. In January of 2017, several months into postpartum I chose not to suffer in silence anymore and I was then diagnosed with ADD, PTSD, anxiety, Pure O/OCD, and postpartum depression

These are all just letters which describe a pattern or condition; the disorder we create or allow to overtake our hearts. Some say the fall is the beginning of the rise, and this is exactly what occurred. Something within demanded that I don’t succumb to a diagnosis and don’t allow these letters to define me.



Something happened at this point which I know was guided by determination, but also by forces unseen and love immeasurable. A meditation studio and I crossed paths after a spiritual encounter in where the presence of a loved on who had passed was becoming very apparent. This love an guidance would be the pivotal point in my next chapter.

The center taught me that to live free is to be free of fear, and all it takes to get here is self-love. I started dreaming a new dream; one which would evolve me into my life purpose. I started dissolving the tarnished concepts of who I “should” be, and start standing empowered in who I was made to be. With this new energy, the desire to help others get out of their burdens heightened exponentially.




A spiritual awakening was taking place. Down that path, my mind opened to new realities and new lessons.

I see that we are here to learn and grow, live our best life, but ultimately; to take what we find along the way and to help others with this knowledge. In essence, our life experiences may be the part of a necessary puzzle piece in someone else’s life. This is exactly what I found while meeting so many new individuals which brought me my missing pieces, and while reflecting on past lessons I was now learning from family. The energy of love and desire in this soulful connection we all have to one another is what allows for the links to combine.

I also learned that unless one’s self love is mended, all love given would be broken, incomplete, or not as it could be. This realization would disallow the type of love I was capable of giving, so self love is what I work on on a daily basis.

We are the only ones standing in our way and if the intention for change is there, the Universe will bring you possibility. Always.

In Gratitude (always)

Aneta Mruz

“Just like the moon and like the sun, with the certainty of tides, just like hopes springing high, still I rise.”