Embracing Me, Finally


When You Are Breaking Down You Are Actually Waking Up

My own struggle with social anxiety disorders, mental health, low self esteem, negatively charged addictive habits, and giving too much to others while allowing myself to become drained, brought me to receive additional training and certifications in Emotional Intelligence + Cognitive Behavior coaching; offering an expertise to ensure the most beneficial outcomes for YOUR forward motion.

My earliest practices after my own, life changing spiritual awakening offered channeled messages from loved ones who had transitioned. Within these sessions, I noticed hope, healing, and life shifts were being created. When I moved into assisting in life guidance, the same profound impact started occurring; those who received channeled guidance from Source and their own higher self ( huge energy within this!), began to perceive themselves and the world around them in a new way. What came about was deep inner work to spark, and with more ease than one would imagine to take place.

Within my own struggle with life-long social anxiety, OCD, postpartum depression and the onset of severe Pure O/OCD, my ever-present desire to help others struggling with a chaotic mindset evolved, and the visions for SOLACE was born.

Read about my personal journey below! HOW I LEFT BEHIND FEAR, ANXIETY + OCD WITH SELF LOVE

My Story

I didn’t know myself for a long time. When I started making a conscious choice to change, I couldn’t. The patterns of self sabotage had been embedded in brain. My life was flooded with temporary aids of relief to feel “normal”. Band-aids; negative cognitive behavior, negative feeling about myself due to allowing situations to have too much control over me. I had created a slew of false beliefs. I didn’t know that the path to clarity was within.

The path to healing is always within.

A demand for better was present and felt very achievable. I refused to succumb to this diagnosis.

I learned about the neuroscience of ‘dis-order’. It all pointed to one thing; lack of self love was creating a desire to resolve any distress with a “quick fix” in order to feel some sense of relief, rather than actually growing the self love needed.


A Dream Was Found

Solace’s true vision to help women in mothers in mental despair was created after opening a support group for moms going through postpartum anxiety, depression and OCD/Pure O.

That walk out of the falsehoods was something I needed to go through, but it was hellish. Some say the fall is the beginning of the rise, and this is exactly what occurred.

In January of 2017, several months into postpartum I chose not to suffer in silence anymore. On came the diagnosis. I’m grateful for it, because it pointed me to what needed my undevited attention and healing.

ADD, PTSD, anxiety, Pure O/OCD, and postpartum depression'; they were all just letters combined to form words offering direction. WIthin by diagnosis, I was able to separate myself; my heart, from the functions the brain is designed to perform. Something within demanded that I don’t succumb to a diagnosis and I would be sure to never allow these words to define me.


Self Love

I started dissolving the tarnished concepts of who I “should” be, and start standing empowered in who I was made to be.

Something happened at this point which I know was guided by determination, but also by forces unseen and love immeasurable. A meditation studio and I crossed paths after a spiritual encounter in where the presence of a loved on who had passed was becoming very apparent. This love and guidance would be the pivotal point in my next chapter, and a piece to the puzzle of how I offer this extraordinary way to peace for you.

The center taught me that to live free is to be free of restrictive fear, and all it takes to get here is self-love. I started dreaming a new dream; one which would evolve me into my life purpose. With this new energy, the desire to help others get out of their burdens heightened exponentially.




In rediscovering myself, I healed from the disorder of OCD, anxiety, and fear.

A spiritual awakening was taking place. Down that path, my mind opened to new realities and new lessons.

I grow every day, and am honored to have been able to get to a place of this explainable connection to my higher self an yours, the guidance in channeled messages from Source, and the most sacred energy I could offer to myself and you; unconditional love.

I learned that we are here to learn and grow, live our best life, but ultimately; to take what we find along the way and help others with this knowledge. In essence, our life experiences may be the part of a necessary puzzle piece in someone else’s life.

I am blessed to have known these depths, and I am overcome with gratitude everyday for what I see life is, now, and for every soul impacts my life along the way… and I’ve met so many wonderful souls.

With Unconditional Love (always)

Aneta Mruz