Hello! A little about myself so you know what drives my desire to help YOU…

I am a clairvoyant medium + a spiritual healer, and a certified Spiritual + Transformational coach (among other certifications in coaching). I am a natural intuitive empath, a Reiki practitioner, a mental health advocate, mom of one, wife, and a self love enthusiast. So - all of the above… I rediscovered was within me merely 3 years ago, but the ‘how’ is what expanded my life into living… my BEST life.

I am a Spiritual Healer, Holistic coach, and a certified Transformational + Spiritual Life Coach. I also hold coaching credentials as an Emotional Intelligence and in Cognitive Behavior coach. I merge the coaching techniques with being a clairvoyant medium and a natural, intuitive empath because I realized this unique and life changing guidance is what allows space for your desired change.

I’m also a Reiki practitioner, tarot card reader, a mental health advocate, mom of one, wife, daughter, sister, and above all - a self love enthusiast! I’m an animal lover - hoping to own a rescue farm in the future. I’m pulled by the mountains and trees, guided by Love, and thankful to what I have learned about the Earth, moon + Astrology.

What brought me here

My own battle with lifelong social anxiety, not understanding who I was or who I was meant to be, and a battle with mental health, postpartum, all unraveled to bring me into my awakening. Specific changes brought me to healing. Some changes were forced, some were Divine intervention due to prayer, but most all have everything to do with the mind, my physical state, and the spirit.

My Triumph with Anxiety, Fear, and OCD

What I wish for you to remember…

We are spiritual beings in this human experience, designed to create growth. Sometimes with the help we receive, focus is too separated on particular aspects of self. I provide unconditional and non-judgemental love towards all aspects of your Being. This is the route to having clearer pictures of what needs attention and shifting. The key to having harmony is in knowing exactly who we are, and I will help you rediscover exactly this.