Twelve, 45 Minute Sessions | 3 Month Program to Renew

| Sessions are provided via telephone. Please be sure to schedule in your time zone. |

These sessions are likewise intended for gaining momentum, but with extended support. Wellness concepts are learned and accountability practices are to be utilized in the client’s everyday life for most favorable outcomes. Traditional life coaching techniques are incorporated with an energy reading each session to co-create the path to change and release of what no longer serves one. Accountability and practices/self-help tools will also to be provided for the client’s everyday life. The client steps into a renewed approach and outlook on what comes to them in life due to perspective shifts, new beliefs, new habits, and a heightened sense of self-love. The Renew program is designed to re-route one into a “new” way of BE-ing. Distant Reiki is provided at no additional cost, to aid the client in releases, re-balancing their energy and chakras, and to facilitate their own, natural ability to heal themselves. Sessions are recommended to be scheduled no longer than bi-weekly for the most beneficial outcomes

NOTE: RENEW comes at a deeper discount when compared to the Release program. Six month programs (24 sessions) are also available. Inquire within.

Investment | $720.00 ( $120.00 Bundle Savings )

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