| This session is offered via telephone. Please be sure to schedule in your time zone. |

Session’s Intention

A bundle discount is available for 3 Clarity sessions purchased at one time | 45.00 Savings

If you feel that the Session you is perfect for you, you can purchase the Clarity Package, offering you 4 sessions at a bundle rate.

I offer this service for those who seek everyday clarity in small or gran situations which may arise. These are intended for those who may not need the support and accountability of coaching in their corner. If you feel drawn to chat whenever life guides you, this will help bring new perspectives to life’s crossroads or matters the heart wishes to understand and navigate.

What To Expect

These are an energy reading where all is intuitively and Divinely guided, and what comes through for you, is at times actually coming from you; your higher self. We can go into any topic you choose, and what is meant to come through for your highest good at the given moment, does. This session brings you to seeing the things you wish to discuss in their simplest form.

During scheduling, your intention for the session is asked, then prior to the call a 20 minute meditation/energetic connection by Aneta is done, followed with the 45 minute phone session to relay what was received and to answer all of your questions.

1 Hour Service

Investment | 480.00 (45.00 Savings)

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