45 Minute Session

| This session is offered via telephone. Please be sure to schedule in your time zone. |

Session consists of a 45 minute phone call and a 15 minute meditation prior to, by Aneta Mruz

This session is for your everyday clarity, life’s crossroads, or matters which your heart wishes to understand clearer.

We start by asking what the client’s intention for the session is. We then explore topics and desires through questions which are designed to get to the truths you already hold within to evaluate anything which may need to be revealed. An energetic reading allows for an intuitive approach to relay what is in the client's best interest to hear. All is Divinely guided in this session.

Clarity is the foundation for all other services, and is provided as the first session in Release and Renew. This is session provides the perfect roadmap for direction.

Investment | $70.00

A bundle discount is available for 4 or more Clarity sessions are purchased at one time. Inquire within.

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