Consultation Call | 25-30 Minutes

| Please be sure to schedule in your time zone |

Session’s Intention

This call will allow for us to review your intention for reaching out for intuitive life coaching and heart centered Divine guidance from Solace, and find clarity on what is needed for your change to occur.

What to Expect

There is much value for this time together, as it will awaken and bring clarity to what is going on below the surface of what is fueling your desire for shifts in life. You will be able to see what you want clearer, as well as see what is standing in your way. Your path for the life you wish becomes illuminated. Programs/sessions are discussed, and we briefly go over the process of intuitive coaching and Divine guidance, so you may establish whether Solace's support is in line with your highest and best interests.

Investment | Your time (this call is free!)

Looking forward to connecting!

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