| All sessions are via telephone. Please be sure to schedule in your time zone. |

Program’s Intention

These sessions are intended for gaining momentum for those shifts which may need a bit more energy, attention and guidance than the Clarity session.

What To Expect

Traditional life coaching techniques are incorporated with intuitive guidance. These sessions do not contain energy readings but are more structured as coaching sessions to co-create the path to change and release of what no longer serves one. We discuss Laws of Attraction where needed, the importance of understanding emotions and the power of thought, and review limiting beliefs + fears may surface which do not allow your forward motion. Your self love is tended to, as this energy grows roots for healing.


  • Each session is intuitively guided

  • Emotional intelligence {controlling emotions is worked on}

  • A FREE 30 minute Breakthrough Session (consultation) for direction and to establish a perfect path.

  • A comprehensiveness intake questionnaire which will create a better understanding of what you want and a glimpse of what could be

  • Self care tools and practices which align with your forward motion for your goal

  • Accountability check are provided for OPTION II

Program Options

The duration of our work together will be determined in the 30 minute Breakthrough Session, and after the first month of service.


    Three, 45 Minutes Session within one month’s time

    Investment | 465.00

    ***Additional 5% off offered if investment processed in full

    Investment | 441.00 | Additional 24.00 Savings

If it is established that continued support would greatly benefit you, I offer the below:


    Discounted rate would apply

    Six (6) additional sessions can be invested in

    3 months of total support with scheduling catered to the discussed needs

    You will be provided a credit of 30.00 if you already purchased and utilized OPTION I.

    Investment | 870.00

    45 Minute Sessions | 90.00 Bundle Savings

    ***Additional 5% off offered if investment processed in full

    Investment | 826.00 | Additional 44.00 Savings

Payment plans are available | Inquire within

For continued support {5-8 months}, and many additional perks than what is offered within the RENEW Programs, please see the next service available | The Platinum RENEW PROGRAM

The World Needs Who You Were Made To Be

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