My diagnoses brought me many realizations and lessons, but it all started with the desire to understand the chemistry behind it all.

I set sights to understand why and how these diagnoses came to be a part of my life, what part in it did I have, and what part of it could be unlearned. To understand OCD alone was to understand the chemistry of my brain and my body. To add to my growth in mind, body and soul, I studied cognitive behavior, CBT, NLP, EFT, Reiki, and any article or course I could get my hands on to obtain information on what a “dis-order” was, exactly.

To get out of the lifestyle I had no intention on going back to, I also started with conventional therapy which started for the OCD. Conventional therapy served its purposes, but it is when I soon found myself crossing paths with a meditation center that the equation for understanding mind, body, and soul came together. The pieces started to compile a bigger picture which formed understanding now that they aligned into this image of “what”. I began to dive into understanding energy, emotional intelligence, past life regression, energy healing, and quantum physics.

The method which spoke to me for healing to begin was through finding self love. My mentor always had emphasized self-love. The decision to help others via life coaching formed two years after my awakening, and it organically presented itself out of my spiritual evolution and my self love which I had been working tediously to expand. I was becoming more aware, more present, and started removing the fears which restricted me for far too long. My mentor was the first to help me realize that I was an intuitive empath, and this helped me come to monumental realizations about fear-based beliefs, my heightened sensitivity, and anxiety. I started getting answers for my “whys”, and I started to format a life built around trust in the Universe and not of fear.

Through self-trust and my new understanding and relationship of/with God, I started providing messages for healing to those who lost loved ones through energy readings. The messages always brought peace or understanding to each person and this was a guiding light. Channeling these types of messages slowly grew into Divine guidance for those seeking clarity, direction or understanding. I was finding that I could energetically open a door to seeing, feeling, hearing, and knowing all that needed to be relayed for that individual’s greater good at that point in time.

I embarked on becoming a certified Intuitive + Wellness Life Coach, then a certified Usui Ryoho Reiki Practitioner, and later enrolled in an certification program for further education which is recognized for having leading standards for the life coaching industry. I continue to take courses in psychology and cognitive behavior and energy therapies, and remember to keep seeking truth within, because self-love and trust forms unbelievable creations for yourself and others.

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