INTUITIVE + WELLNESS life coaching

“You hold the answers towards your most favorable outcomes in wellness and we are here to help you bring them to the surface.” - Aneta Mruz

Traditional life coaching principles such as observing where you are right now, holding space and active listening, reviewing habits and beliefs, self-exploration, and cognitive behavior coaching are incorporated with energy work and energy healing via mediumship. This allows for a deeper empathic understanding, enabling both to work together to pinpoint what your subconscious mind carries which needs to be addressed. You may then work more specifically on topics to aid in removing any blocks remaining in your line of sight for those very reachable desires.

With mediumship and clairvoyant guidance you will be shown how to trust your own intuition and not fear the choices you are about to make. It brings forth a line of sight to the your emotional intellegence, expressions, inner desires and timeline of lifetime events to format an innate knowing of what steps you may choose to take next.