Any clarity which is sought can be achieved through focus, careful consideration, or weighing options. An exercise which millions of yogis, monks, gurus, intuitives, teachers and individuals seeking mindfulness practice to find clarity is by calming the mind. To just BE and embrace the stillness has many benefits, and science has found that calming the mind in fact prevents anxiety, stress, fear, and awakens inner strength and confidence.

The truth is, that on a spiritual level, when one practices calming the mind, we allow space to listen.

“Mediumship is the practice of receiving or channeling information which is derived directly from an “external” energetic source, through means of a heightened extrasensory perception.” Everyone has a Divine connection, it is when you tune into your soul’s frequency and that Divine connection where you can receive (not perceiving), and you set an intention to be a vessel; a medium, a source, a channel, or a means for receiving guidance through additional sensory perceptions, not just intuition.

Imagine this

A good friend once said..

“Think about the notion that we are all a piece of the same energy source (aka God, Oneness, Light, Universe, Divine, etc.). We are an extension, not a separate part or separate creation, but an extension of that energy in physical form. This parallels the conception that we are all one, and the main source is within us all and so easily accessible. We are that energy, that energy is us. Therefore, you are a part of every other energy; you are the collective oneness.”

| ENERGY |The soul is an energy force tethered in oneness to all energy which ever existed and does not extinguish its flame, nor does it ever become disconnected from this Oneness. The equation for the ideology comes from studies in psychology (referring to the soul as the unconscious mind) quantum mechanics (also known as quantum physics, which refers to nature at its smallest scales of energy and theories surrounding life after death), and much study in regard to ‘what is consciousness’. Science has proven that we are born with many natural senses in addition to the 5 known senses, and extra sensory perception is deeply seeded to the energy source which we exist of. The concept that we are a soul having a human experience; a non-material being housed in a physical body, is widely seen as fact by philosophy, science and religion. With this concept, the doors open to possibility.

Meditation provides an extensive list of benefits to the mind, body, and soul for relief of pain and healing, but for intuition, guidance, and clairvoyance; it heightens it. You may be surprised to find that guidance and clarity is only a calm mind away, and your imagination is truly a fraction of what you may believe it to be.


To start - your thoughts, emotions, memories, and all events which come into your life are energy. Picture the connection we have to all energy (mentioned above) and all beings, and imagine setting an intention to assist those seeking help in seeing what is within but may need a little assistance in coming to the surface. An outsider’s perspective removes the emotional sequences associated to the experiences which you have embedded in your body and mind. There is an affiliation through your emotions which at times doesn’t allow for the simplicity in truth, which is not applicable in the same manner for the coach. With that, ego and all distractions are not present, allowing for clarity on each topic to be seen, understood, and relayed. What you hold and know within is brought out. Along with traditional coaching concepts like active listening, ‘Socratic questioning’, and holding space, the use of intuition, empathy, clairvoyance, and mediumship provided in a coaching session creates a deeper type of guidance for your desires to be attained and for clarity to be established.

Aneta Mruz