“Habits are automatic behaviors which have been wired into the brain through repetition, and as days pass, we do it less consciously.”

Reaction to thought, just as much as reaction to situations, is everything. The more negative attention we give the negative, the more the brain will cycle it. Did you know that the brain doesn’t recognize good habits from bad? Mindfulness is such a must for this very reason. Neuroscience have established that to create new habits, there is an equation is in the mix: the cue, the action, the reward. Creating positive daily habits will bring you emotions like pleasure, gratitude (a powerhouse emotion), peace, joy, accomplished, happiness. That’s your automatic reward.


We create our existence through reaction and observance, control or lack of, and through thought which in turn creates emotion. Start taking back control of what you accept for yourself, and take that stance against cognitive habits which slowly nestled their way into your everyday life. Adding positive daily practices will allow those scales to tip, and wit this, you are on the path to reprogramming your brain (literally), into only desiring what you have taught it. Yes, we can unlearn the bad by incorporating the good. It sets standards for what you will accept.