The formula for seeing these opportunities is in building self-love, always and non-stop. With self-love, your life will feel connected and not divided, enlightened and not dimmed, and you will become unapologetically you; who you were always meant to be.


You see, there really are only two poles; north and south; love and fear. Everything other emotion stems from either or. When we choose to invite more positivity into our daily routine, such as positive affirmations, gratitude, starting the day with good intentions, calming the mind, self-care, acts of kindness, we open doors for love to reside. We begin to set new standards for an energy which pushes out the fear, and emotions which stem from it such as anger,, shame, suffering, even being in victim-mode. By simply doing, we create an inner atmosphere which holds a new set of desires. We begin to tip the scales, and guess what happens when scales begin tipping towards peace. Have you ever heard of love conquers all?