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“Mediumship is the practice of receiving or channeling information which is derived directly from an “external” energetic source, through means of a heightened extrasensory perception.”


A good friend once said..

“Think about the notion that we are all a piece of the same energy source (aka God, the Oneness, the Light, Universe, Divine, etc.). We are an extension, not a separate part or separate creation, but an extension of that energy in physical form. This parallels the conception that we are all one, and the main source is within us all and so easily accessible. We are that energy, that energy is us. Therefore, you are a part of every other energy; you are the collective oneness.”

Quantum physics, space, time, and physical mass as well as slew of other laws bind this ability together, but the fact of the matter is; we are a soul in a human body, and the soul is an energy force tethered in oneness to all energy which ever existed. The equation for this ideology comes from abilities we already have within.


Meditation provides a laundry list of benefits to the mind, body, and soul, but for intuition and guidance, it heightens it. Take some time to find a space for yourself, free of disturbances, and practice erasing thought with a simple “OM” meditation. Once focus has taken place and all is calm, start paying attention to your mind and what you hear or see, as these are the most common clairsenses. You may be surprised to find that guidance is only a calm mind away, and your imagination is truly a fraction of what you may believe.