“Aneta is truly gifted and blessed. Absolutely changed my perspective on a very tough time in my life. I can not thank her enough for her kindness. She is a kind and beautiful soul.”

Sheila M.



“Wow. dead on and resonates with clarity what I have felt in my heart! Thank you so much for your time and guidance on this decision and path that needs to be taken. I AM a procrastinator by nature but mUst follow through with my instincts. This may be the catalyst for change. Again, many thanks Aneta.”

Sheri CB.



“Thank you MY dear for everything that you do. you are truly amazing, you connected to my love and I needed to hear what was said. may you find your happiness daily as you help us find our.”

Shellie M.



“I wanted to thank you for your time your connection with my husband, Mike. It was so real you are a truly gifted amazing beautiful soul...you gave me comfort and relief I had been wondering if he crossed over safely...and you put me at ease.. I was blessed when you reached out to me.”

Christina L.



“I want to say thank you for connecting with my grandma. you are an amazing person. you connected to my grandma in a special way. i am beyond emotional and happy. can’t thank you enough. you have a big heart for giving your time and energy into readings, i was lucky that you gave me this and i really wish you the best in life. thank you for having an amazing soul. god bless you.”